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When was fulham last in the premier league

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Title: When Did Fulham Win the Premier League? - A Comprehensive Guide Introduction: In this brief review, we will discuss the positive aspects, benefits, and conditions for using the search term "When did Fulham win the Premier League?" This query is relevant for football enthusiasts or individuals seeking information about Fulham's historical achievements in the English Premier League. 1. Accurate Historical Information: - The search results should provide a precise answer to the query, stating the specific year or years when Fulham Football Club won the Premier League. - Users can expect to find reliable sources, such as official club websites or reputable sports news platforms, that provide detailed accounts of Fulham's Premier League victories. 2. Understanding Fulham's Success: - Users will gain insights into the club's journey to success, including any notable milestones, key players, or significant matches that contributed to their Premier League triumphs. - Historical context surrounding Fulham's victories may also be available, allowing users to appreciate the club's achievements within the broader football landscape. 3. Enhanced Knowledge of Premier League History: - Individuals interested in the history of the Premier League can benefit from learning about Fulham's successful campaigns. - Users can explore how Fulham's wins compare to those of other prominent clubs, understanding

When was fulham last in the premier league

Title: When Was Fulham Last in the Premier League: A Historical Insight Meta Tag Description: Discover when Fulham last competed in the Premier League with this expert review. Gain an informative and easy-to-understand understanding of the club's recent history. Introduction: Fulham Football Club, based in London, has a rich history and a passionate fan base. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into when Fulham last graced the Premier League, providing expert insights, informative details, and an easy-to-understand narrative. Join us on this journey through time as we explore the recent history of Fulham's top-flight aspirations. When Was Fulham Last in the Premier League? The last time Fulham competed in the Premier League was during the 2018/2019 season. Unfortunately, their campaign ended in disappointment as they finished 19th in the league table, resulting in relegation to the EFL Championship. However, it is important to note that Fulham had previously been a regular participant in the Premier League, showcasing their prowess against England's elite clubs. Fulham's Premier League Stint: Fulham's most significant spell in the Premier League occurred between 2001 and 2014, under the managerial guidance of notable figures such as

How many times have fulham been in the premier league

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What years were Fulham in the Premier League?

2010–2013: Established in the Premier League The highlight of the season was a 4–0 win in the FA Cup over London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, all goals coming in the first half.

Have Fulham ever won the league?

Throughout its history, Fulham have played in all four divisions of English football and have never won a major trophy, although they were very close in 2010 when they lost the Europa League Final to Athletico Madrid after extra-time. Here are some of the highlights: Championship Winners (second level): 2000/01.

Is Fulham the oldest football club?

Fulham Football Club is London's oldest professional football club, having been established in 1879. Find out more about the Club's long and colourful history below, with Fulham FC rightly positioned as London's original football club.

What was the oldest Premier League team?

In addition, Stoke City and Fulham respectively make competing claims to be the oldest league club (1863) and oldest club in London (1879) with later dates. Also, the EFL have stated that Nottingham Forest are the oldest current League club (1865).

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Fulham's worst season?

Form continued to wane out on the pitch, and by the end of the 1995/96 season we recorded our worst ever league finish in ending the campaign 17th out of 24 in Division Three.

Have Fulham ever been relegated?

Fulham had changed divisions in five successive seasons between 2017–18 to 2021–22, being relegated after winning the 2018 and 2020 EFL Championship play-off finals. They then won the 2021–22 EFL Championship title, finally settling in the Premier League, where they have played since 2022.


What do you call Fulham fans?
Fulham fans are called “The Cottagers” after their club's home ground Craven Cottage in south west London.
Have Fulham ever won a trophy?
Fulham has never won a major trophy; however, it has a number of achievements. In the list below, all trophies and leagues are referred to by the names they held at the time, which, due to commercial and practical reasons, have changed over time.

When was fulham last in the premier league

How many Premier League have Fulham won? Fulham has never won a major trophy; however, it has a number of achievements.
Have Fulham won anything? After relegation, Fulham under Silva earned promotion back to the top tier with four games to go, winning the 2021–22 Championship title.
  • What was Fulham FC highest Premier League finish?
    • Team records
      • Highest League finish - 7th in Premier League, 2008-09 season.
      • Lowest League finish - 17th in Third Division, 1995-96 season.
      • Most points in a season - 101 pts in First Division, 2000-01 season; 101pts in Second Division, 1998-99 season (only club to have amassed more than 100 points in a season twice)
  • Who are Fulham's biggest rivals?
    • This happened for a second time in the 2022–23 season, with Brentford, Chelsea and Fulham appearing in the top flight. According to the 2012 Football Rivalries Survey, Fulham regard Chelsea as their main rivals, QPR as their secondary rivals and then Brentford third.