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Who sang with mary j blige at the bet awards

Mary J. Blige's Electrifying BET Awards Performance: A Memorable Collaboration

At the BET Awards, the legendary Mary J. Blige took the stage to deliver a show-stopping performance that left audiences in awe. Blige, known for her soulful voice and commanding stage presence, captivated viewers with her electrifying performance. However, it was her collaboration with a special guest that truly elevated the performance to new heights.

The Unforgettable Collaboration:

As Mary J. Blige graced the stage at the BET Awards, the audience eagerly anticipated her soulful melodies and powerful vocals. Little did they know that they were in for an extraordinary surprise. Blige was joined by the immensely talented gospel singer, Yolanda Adams, for an unforgettable duet. The combination of their voices created a harmonious blend that sent chills down the spines of those in attendance.

Yolanda Adams: A Gospel Icon:

Yolanda Adams, a renowned gospel singer, is no stranger to delivering exceptional performances. With her rich and resonant voice, Adams has graced the stage at numerous prestigious events, including the BET Awards. Her collaboration with Mary J. Blige showcased her ability to seamlessly merge her gospel roots with the soulful stylings

Who performed with mary yaraj blige at bet awards

Who Performed with Mary J. Blige at BET Awards: A Memorable Collaboration

The BET Awards is a prestigious event that celebrates the achievements of Black artists in the entertainment industry. One of the highlights of the ceremony is the performances by renowned musicians, often featuring exciting collaborations. In this article, we will discuss the positive aspects and benefits of artists who have performed with Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards.

  1. Unforgettable Performances:
  • When artists join Mary J. Blige on stage at the BET Awards, they create magical moments that stay etched in our memories.
  • Their combined talent and energy result in powerful and captivating performances that leave the audience in awe.
  1. Iconic Collaborations:
  • Collaborating with Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards is an opportunity for artists to showcase their versatility and musical prowess.
  • It allows them to align themselves with one of the most influential figures in the R&B and soul genres, further solidifying their own reputation in the industry.
  1. Increased Exposure and Recognition:
  • Performing alongside Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards grants artists access to a vast audience, including music industry professionals, fans, and media.
  • This exposure can lead to increased recognition, attracting new fans

What songs did mary j blige perform at the bet awards

Hey there, music lovers! If you're wondering what songs the fabulous Mary J. Blige performed at the BET Awards, you've come to the right place. Get ready to groove and let's dive into the unforgettable tunes that rocked the stage!

  1. "Family Affair": No Mary J. Blige performance is complete without her iconic hit "Family Affair." This upbeat anthem gets everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along. It's the perfect song to kick off any show and get the crowd energized!

  2. "Real Love": As Mary J. Blige takes us down memory lane, she can't forget to include her breakthrough hit, "Real Love." This classic tune is an absolute crowd-pleaser, and it never fails to get the audience reminiscing about the good ol' days.

  3. "Be Without You": Prepare to be serenaded by Mary J. Blige's soulful voice as she performs "Be Without You." This heartfelt ballad touches the depths of our emotions, reminding us of love's power and the strength it brings. Grab a tissue, folks!

  4. "No More Drama": Mary J. Blige's powerful vocals shine through in this empowering anthem, "No More Drama." With a mix

Who has Mary J Blige did duets with?

Featured Artists

  • JAY-Z.
  • Mary J. Blige.
  • Method Man.
  • Ludacris.
  • Kendrick Lamar.
  • Wyclef Jean.
  • Common.
  • Grand Puba.

Does Mary J Blige have a child?

Talented performer Mary J. Blige is a vocal powerhouse who has conquered all areas of the entertainment world. The Grammy winner was married once during her career to Kendu Isaacs from 2003 to 2016. She became a stepmom to his three children but never welcomed children of her own.

How much money is Mary J Blige worth?

$20 million

Blige's net worth in 2023 is $20 million. Blige has earned these millions through her work as a singer-songwriter, record producer, rapper and actor. In fact, she is the first person nominated for acting and songwriting in the same year at the Academy Awards.

Did Tupac have a relationship with Mary J Blige?

And Mary J Blige. Started seeing each other after. This it is also rumored that on the classic two-pack song can you get away Tupac. Wanted Mary J Blige to sing the hook of the song for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Mary J. Blige perform at the BET Awards?

Mary J. Blige delivered a 20-minute medley packed with hits and guests Method Man and Lil Kim during the 2019 BET Awards, where the singer received the ceremony's Lifetime Achievement Award.

How many sisters does Mary J. Blige have?

She has an older sister, LaTonya Blige-DaCosta, a younger half-brother, Bruce Miller, and a younger half-sister, Jonquell, both from a relationship Blige's mother had with another man after divorcing her first husband.


Who was Mary J. Blige ex husband?
Kendu IsaacsMary J. Blige / Ex-spouse
How many children does Mary J Blige have?
The Grammy winner was married once during her career to Kendu Isaacs from 2003 to 2016. She became a stepmom to his three children but never welcomed children of her own. Keep scrolling to see everything she has said about not having kids.

Who sang with mary j blige at the bet awards

What does Mary J Blige sister do? LaTonya Blige-DaCostaMary J. Blige / Sister
Who is Mary J. Blige husband? Kendu IsaacsMary J. Blige / Husband (m. 2003–2018)