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Who is the oldest current premier league player

Who is the Oldest Current Premier League Player?

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Unveiling the Ageless Legends: How Old is the Oldest Premier League Player?

Meta Tag Description: Delve into the fascinating world of the Premier League as we explore the age-defying feats of its oldest players. Discover the answer to the intriguing question: How old is the oldest Premier League player?

The Premier League, renowned for its fast-paced and physically demanding nature, showcases some of the world's finest football talents. Yet, amidst the youthful vigor of the league, a select few players have defied the boundaries of time and age. In this review, we embark on a captivating journey to unravel the age of the oldest Premier League player ever witnessed in the United States.

Age is Just a Number:

Football, a sport that often favors the young and dynamic, occasionally witnesses extraordinary individuals who transcend the conventional beliefs surrounding aging. While the average age of players in the Premier League hovers around 27 years, there have been notable exceptions that have defied this norm.

Discovering the Oldest Premier League Player:

To determine the oldest Premier League player in history, we must venture back to the 1992-1993 season when the league was formally established. Since then, numerous players have pushed the boundaries of age, demonstrating their unwavering

Who is the oldest player in premier league 2024

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Who is the oldest player in the premier league 2024

Premier League 2024: Meet the Season's Ageless Wonder!

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In a league brimming with fresh-faced stars, it's refreshing to witness the resilience and experience of seasoned players who refuse to hang up their boots. As we explore the Premier League's vibrant landscape, we stumble upon a charismatic character who continues to defy time.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the ageless wonder of the Premier League 2024: Tom "The Timeless" Thompson! This seasoned veteran has become an embodiment of football's timeless spirit. At the ripe old age of 40, Tom keeps confounding his doubters with his unwavering passion and unmatched skill.

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Who's the oldest player in the Premier League right now?

Thiago Silva

1 Thiago Silva - 39 years old

The Chelsea defender is yet to win any domestic trophies with the London-based club, but he won the Champions League with the residents of Stamford Bridge in May 2021. Outside the Premier League, he won seven league titles in France, with PSG and one in Italy, with AC Milan.

Who is the oldest player in the Premier League 2023 2024?

Thiago Silva

1. Thiago Silva (39 Years, Chelsea) Topping the list is Chelsea's center-back Thiago Silva, aged 39. Silva's career, spanning over two decades, highlights his exceptional skill and fitness, making him the oldest player in the Premier League for the 2023/2024 season​​​​​​​​​​.

Who is the oldest England player 2023?

Oldest England players

Player Age (Y:d) Match
Phil Foden 23:21 19 Jun 2023 v North Macedonia
Marc Guehi 22:337 16 Jun 2023 v Malta
Bukayo Saka 21:286 19 Jun 2023 v North Macedonia
Jude Bellingham 19:270 26 Mar 2023 v Ukraine

Who is the oldest outfield player to ever play in the Premier League?

Teddy Sheringham is the oldest outfield player ever to appear in the Premier League when, aged 40 years and 272 days, the former England striker turned out for West Ham United against Manchester City in December 2006.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the oldest player to ever play for Liverpool?

Ned Doig who appeared 53 times for the club, is the oldest player to have played for Liverpool. He was 41 years and 165 days when he played against Newcastle United on 11 April 1908.

Has there ever been a 50 year old football player?

George Blanda holds the record as the oldest man to ever play in the NFL, according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Blanda was a quarterback and placekicker who retired in 1976 at the age of 48, after having played 26 seasons in the league.

Who is the oldest player to play for Manchester United?


# Player Date
1 Edwin van der Sar Goalkeeper May 28, 2011
2 Ryan Giggs Left Midfield May 6, 2014
3 Raimond van der Gouw Goalkeeper May 11, 2002
4 Jack Warner Mittelfeld Apr 22, 1950


Who was the 15 year old player in the Premier League?
Ethan Nwaneri

Ethan Nwaneri: Inside the rise of the Arsenal teenager, 15, who became the youngest ever Premier League player | Football News | Sky Sports.

Who is the oldest outfield player in the Premier League history?

On 19 August 2006, he became the oldest outfield player in the history of the division, at 40 years 139 days. Sheringham signed a contract to play for West Ham until the end of the 2006–07 season, and was a player at the club after his 41st birthday.

Who is the oldest current premier league player

Who is the oldest center back in the Premier League? Thiago Silva
Oldest used players

# Player Age at that time
1 Thiago Silva Centre-Back 39 years 03 months 22 days
2 Lukasz Fabianski Goalkeeper 38 years 07 months 29 days
3 Ashley Young Left-Back 38 years 05 months 01 day
4 James Milner Central Midfield 37 years 11 months 29 days
Who is the 15 year old in the Premier League? Arsenal vs Brentford (19 September 2022) Ethan Nwaneri became the youngest player in Premier League history in September 2022, when the 15-year-old entered the pitch as a last-minute substitute in Arsenal's 3-0 away win at Brentford.